Important Club Meeting: 19th November at 9.30pm in Club House


As highlighted  at the AGM, for the club to continue a number of positions must be filled.  Therefore, there will be a meeting held in the club on the 19th November from 9.30pm sharp for a maximum of 40 minutes, to outline these positions.

These need to be filled if we are to improve the games, as well as other aspects within the club e.g. social events, club communications, club organisation, spreading the work load etc…

We will outline as many of the positions as possible that we need filled on the website so you can read them before the meeting on the 19th November.

We will have these position on the website as soon as possible.

Please show the interest, come along on the night even if you currently hold a position. Whether you are young, old, a playing member, a social member, a parent of a child in the club, a lapsed member  or a frequent visitor in the club. There will be something you can do to help give something back to our club, your club

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