Join Crumlin GAA

Here at Crumlin GAA we pride ourselves as being a close family club that aims to make
Gaelic games fun and enjoyable for all members of the club, whether they are children,
parents, coaches or volunteers.

New members and volunteers are always welcome at any stage through the year, we have a range of hurling, football & camogie teams for young girls & boys right up to senior level.

If you have young children who would like to get involved, please contact our Youth Liaison Officer Johnathan Rock at 087 052 7982.

Listed below are the details of our current teams and their respective coaches and contact numbers. Feel free to contact them to ask about joining our club and the training time schedules.

Please note all players must be registered with the Club before playing. You can complete the registration form in person at the clubhouse or alternatively download it below.
Download the Crumlin GAA Membership Form

Age Group:Coach Name:Contact Number:
Nursery (4 to 7 years) – Boys & GirlsJason Perry085 838 3359
U8 Boys & Girls Hurling & Football – Born 2012Jason Perry085 838 3359
U10 Boys Hurling & Football – Born 2010Alan Ryan087 1971130
U11 Boys Hurling & Football – Born 2009Graham Joyce087 2689691
U12 Boys Hurling & Football – Born 2008Mark Gannon085 7771897
U14 Boys Football & Hurling – Born 2007 & 2006Will Smyth087 6203471
U15 Boys Hurling & Football – Born 2005, 2006 & 2007David Fitzgerald087 6628887
U9 CamogieRay Fitzpatrick086 8236091
U11 CamogieJill Rogers085 1196546
U13 CamogieBrenda Kiernan085 1196546
U16 CamogieRuth Gavigan087 6294307
Girl’s Football
U9 GirlsRay Fitzpatrick086 8236091
U11 GirlsAndy Comerford086 3148539
U13 GirlsJames Comerford087 6769885
U16 GirlsJames Comerford086 3148539
Senior Hurling & Football
Senior B HurlingJamie Maher087 9871023
Junior HurlingDerek Deneffe
Junior 5 FootballGer Gavigan086 8205902
Junior 10 FootballRobbie Furlong087 6118826
Senior Camogie
Camogie Inter 2Brenda Kiernan085 1196546
Senior Ladies Football
Ladies FootballAndy Comerford086 3148539

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