Team Contact Details

Listed below are the contact details for the mentors of all the teams in our club.

If you are unsure of who to speak to please contact our Games Promotion Officer Jay Perry by phone/text on 0858383359 or email at

Age Group:Coach Name:Contact Number:
Nursery (4 to 7 years) – Boys & GirlsJason Perry085 838 3359
Boy’s Hurling & Football
U9 Boys Hurling & FootballDenis Eustace087 6201383
U11 Boys Hurling & Football Stephen Cullen086 1967369
U12 Boys Hurling & FootbalStephen Cullen086 1967369
U13 Boys Hurling & FootballGraham Joyce087 2689691
U14 Boys Hurling Mark Gannon085 7771897
U15 Boys FootballMark Gannon085 7771897
U16 Boys Football & HurlingRodney Elliott087 9007299
U17 Boys Hurling & FootballDavid Fitzgerald087 6628887
U8 CamogieKeith Murphy087 9136077
U11 CamogieKarl O’Reilly &087 7679585
Ray Fitzpatrick086 8236091
U14 CamogieBrenda Kiernan085 1196546
U18 CamogieRuth Gavigan087 6294307
Girl’s Football
U8 Girls FootballKeith Murphy087 9136077
U11 Girls FootballRay Fitzpatrick086 8236091
U14 Girls FootballJason Perry085 838 3359
U18 Girls FootballSam Caswell085 7760916
Adult Hurling & Football
Senior HurlingGer Gavigan086 8205902
Junior HurlingGer Gavigan086 8205902
Junior 5 FootballGer Gavigan086 8205902
Junior 10 FootballAdam Doyle 087 9612252
Adult Camogie
Junior CamogieHugh Brennan &086 2595545
Jill Rodgers085 8399120
Minor CamogieRuth Gavigan087 6294307
Adult Ladies Football
Junior FootballAndy Comerford086 3148539
Minor FootballSam Caswell085 7760916

3 thoughts on “Team Contact Details

  1. Hi I am looking to arrange a senior ladies game with you ladies team if possible, could you pass my details onto the senior ladies management.

    1. Hi Darren,

      I have passed your message onto James Comerford who looks after the Ladies football teams.

      Thanks for
      Getting in touch,


      1. Hi there

        Is your indoor hall for hire for things such as fitness classes?

        I am a personal trainer looking to move my outdoor classes indoors and I am based in the D12 area.

        Any info appreciated


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