AGM 2014

Our AGM was held on Thursday night (October 28th, 2014)  where Jim Browne was re-elected as Chairman as was Maurice Kerrigan as treasurer however the position of secretary was not filled

Any interested candidates should contact Pat Dunne or Ger Gavigan. Anyone looking for any of the reports that were distributed on the night we can supply a copy via email if you email your request in to

Regards Andy

Crumlin Juvenile 2014 Report
Our Juvenile Section has had a good year. We have just recently being awarded by Friends of Dublin Hurling Juvenile Club on the year. We are boxing above are weight considering our numbers.   Below is a reflection by our Mentors of their teams during the year.  In January our GPO Mark McManus was transferred to Na Fianna by the county board. We would like to thank him for all the work he has done to help us bring our Juvenile Section to where it is today. Mark is going to continue to be a member of the club. He has been replaced by Luke Lawlor who over the past few years has been a mentor with the club. We wish Luke Lawlor every success over the coming years.  We need ex – players to help in the training of our teams. This is of upmost importance if we are to field teams in Divisions that reflect their talents. Our children respond great to encouragement and understanding. For the first time we entered an Under 13 Girls Football Team. It is imperative we continue to operate Child Protection Guidelines to the highest of standards.

Under 11 Camogie Mentors Ailish Barry, Hugh Brennan
Girls doing really well this year 2nd in the league compared to last year not winning a match. Good numbers at training each week & have had a few girls joining we had 3 new girls in the last 2 weeks alone. Good team spirit within the team, good connection 
With most parents & brilliant having Hugh he is fantastic training the girls & they all look up to him

Under 13 Camogie Mentors Brenda Kiernan, Ger Murphy and Eilish Mc Glew.
The u13s camogie girls have done very well this year. They came second in their league and got into the shield final of championship which is been played on 2nd of November. We have lost 2 players, but also gained 2 from the good work that Elis Mc Glew is doing down in the Marist school for Crumlin camogie. We have also got the great Ger Murphy on hand this year and the tireless work he puts in with the girls with drills and match tactics is second to none.

We had 2 u14 girls and decided to enter a Feile team with a mix of u12s and u13s girls and they got to the final which was played in O’ Toole park we were piped at the post but it was a great experience for them and will get them ready for the bigger pitch for u14s camogie next year.

Under 9 Camogie Mentors Sue Broe
This team has done very well in all their matches this year. Sue looked after them for the first half of the season. Paddy Stacey, Ruth Lyons has taken them for matches since with Luke doing the training. We are looking for selectors for these very talented girls for the coming season.

Under 16 Camogie Mentor Hugh Brennan.
Hereunder is a brief report on the U16 Camogie Team. Our year started off fairly positive coming 4th in the league but unfortunately after the summer break we had a big fall off in attendance for training and matches. We had 4 matches in the Championship. We were beaten in 3 and could not field in one. We were grateful to some of the U13 players who stepped up to help us out this season. Hugh.
Under 8 Hurling & Football Two Team Mentors Will Smith, Fran Barrett, Rodney Elliott & Jay Stewart

The U/8 team has grown over the last year. We started off with 16 players, made up of mostly boys and a couple of girls. The team now has 22 players. The team plays football one week and hurling the following week. Currently we are a two team non-competitive league, each team being made up of 7 players plus subs.  Each team plays two matches every Saturday morning, each match lasting 20 minutes. We ensure all players get a game and rotate positions regularly.   The team train every Tuesday evening in both Scoil Colm (Winter) and Pearse Park (Spring/Summer). Our goal for the next year is to increase our number of players and try move into a three team league. Also from next year when we move to U/9’s, the teams begin playing 9 asides and the game becomes a bit more competitive.  Will.

Under 9 Hurling & Football Two Team Mentors David Fitzgerald and Noel Clare
We have 18 on the panel. It’s been a hard year because most of the teams we play against have a bigger pool of players. In saying that, we always tried to compete and did well at times. We have the core of a good team and the hope is to bring the rest of the lads along. I would be positive this can be done. Dave

Under 11 Hurling & Football Two Team Mentors Brian & Georgina Rooney, Damien Kirby, Keith Carolan Played 15 Football and 13 Hurling Matches Competed in half but lost heavily in half.

We started this season in a two team league to give the lads more of a challange and to play against different teams. The last few years we played against the same teams home and away in both Hurling and Football. The lads have progressed over the year but came up against a lot of superior teams. I know the fixtures are done at the start of the season but we got a bum deal this year. We were away to Whitehall and Finnbars twice, home to Pats and Thomas Davis Twice.4 home games against local clubs. Same results as normal with the referees, you get nothing at away games and our refs seem to be more neutral.

We have about 21 players at the moment but next year will only fill one u12 team.
We need a minimum of 18 players each week to fill two u12 teams. Brian.
Under 13 Hurling & Football Mentors Shane Walsh, Adam Doyle, Liam Martin
The year started with a plan to get the younger lads of the group working to improve their skills in football and hurling to bring them up to speed with the rest of the group.  To date they have improved extremely well.  However, within the team overall there is still much improvement in skill required going into next year.
We had good numbers attending training throughout the year, even in bad weather. We trained for an hour and a half twice a week in the park during the summer.  For the winter we will be training in Clogher Road hall once a week.

We competed well in both the Hurling and Football Leagues fairing better in the football.  We have one game left in the football with a view to winning the League or at the least being runner-up.  We finished mid table (5th) in the Hurling League.  The team which entered into the Camaint competed very well.  However, unfortunately in Parnell Park we lost our first match by a point which was disappointing.

We had some changes on the team over the year with 3 players dropping out. However we also had some new players come on board later in the season.Shane
Under 14 Hurling & Football Mentors Luke Lawlor, Karl Jackson.

U14s have had a good 2014 with promotion from div3 to div2 in hurling. The lads are in a play of in div5 football with the hope of promotion to div4.We have a panel of 17 players the hurling league wasn’t all playing sailing and our last game was against Crokes B we needed a draw to win the league and that’s what we got. The lads have worked hard all year and got there just rewards and are hoping to compete we’ll in higher leagues in 2015.

Under 16 Hurling & Football Mentors Shay Smith, Jim Browne Dara Robinson

Due to lack of numbers we withdrew from Football early in the season. We struggled to field in Hurling but with the help of u14 & U13 we completed our matches.  Since August U16 have been field successfully with the Minors who are competing in both Football & Hurling.

Under 13 Girls Football Mentors Andy Comerford, Karen Forde. Claire Comerford Keith Nolan
This year saw the addition of Juvenile Girls football into Crumlin GAA for the very first time and the team selected for this experiment were the U13’s. Although the team did eventually end up being made up of a mixture of U10’s, U12’s and then some U13’s. But this variety of ages didn’t hinder this team one bit in fact it had quite the opposite effect with the older girls looking out for the younger ones in training and matches. As the year progressed this team grew in ability and belief. Their first and last game of the year was against the same opponent Na Fianna when they travelled to Na Fianna in February of this year a lot of the girls were stepping into the unknown and in fairness were thought a few lessons that day finally losing out 9-17 to 0.02 but roll the clock forward 10 months and a cold and windy Kiltipper this same team that had been steam rolled earlier on in the season were taking Na Fianna all the way to the wire in a Championship final. Had conditions a few other things gone our way we may have even won that day but it wasn’t to be. The team itself was captained by one of the younger members of the team Alannah Hogkins at 9 years of age was the stand out leader, a player who leads on the pitch and in training. But her supporting crew of Abbie Ryan, Aoife Fitzsimmons, Kacey Murphy, Paris Chebah, Claire Kiernan, Aisling Carolin, Rebecca Dunne, Sara Murphy, Taylor Smith, Shannon Dunne, the Sophies and Miaa Reynolds should not be under estimated, they all played there part in an outstanding year. The team had a rookie crew in charge all playing their part in what can only be described as a successful season. The future for this team wherever that is can only be bright as these girls have what it takes to win leagues and championships. I also just want to thank the other selectors who made this possible without Brenda Kiernan, Ailish Barry and Phil Gough there is no way we would have been able to manage the players adequately enough to pull this off so thanks to them the players and the club for their support. Andy.

The go games gang  are going well numbers have gone from 18 to 35 in recent weeks the u6 group had a football match against St Marys in Saggart and enjoyed it and we had a Halloween party which they all enjoyed.

As you can see there is a lot of Mentors doing huge work in training and looking after our young members. If you can help in any way please do not hesitate to let us know. The more help we have the more successful we can become.

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