Hodgies Fundraiser – Frontline Staff & Crumlin GAA

We at Crumlin GAA are very proud and thankful for the healthcare and frontline workers who are looking after the citizens of Ireland during these unprecedented times. 

We appreciate their courage, commitment and dedication in helping the fight against Covid 19. The healthcare and frontline workers have made so many sacrifices in their line of duty. 

To show our support, Crumlin GAA member Darren Hodgins, dad of Alana, Alex and Kaci will run a full marathon in Pearse Park on Saturday morning, the 9th May 2020 from 9am.

Darren has asked that any funds raised from this event be divided equally between both Crumlin GAA and our frontline and healthcare workers.

If you would like to sponsor Darren and show support towards this amazing cause, please click on the GoFundMe link below.

All support is welcome next Saturday morning in Pearse Park at 9am to cheer on Darren while he undertakes the full marathon, however it is imperative that all HSE guidelines are adhered to, i.e., social distancing.

On behalf of Crumlin GAA, thank you for your continued support and we hope that you remain safe and well during these exceptional times.


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